Surely, fireplaces have evolved quite a lot since the time when they were used for cooking and heating the homes. Over the time, fireplaces became less utile and more decorative with the introduction of central heating.

However, no modern heating system can take away the experience of sitting next to a fireplace on a cold winter evening. Fireplaces have undergone major redesigns and are less polluting, easy to use, more decorative and something that adds value to the home interiors. Modern fireplaces are not just easy to use, but also easy to install and maintain, even in smaller spaces. They are also a great way to help encourage the use of renewable sources of energy which helps fund renewable forests.

Inspired by this article on, we have made a list of stunning modern fireplaces that are sure to make you want them.




This minimalist fireplace in the middle of the room definitely provides warmth equally across the room.


This unique fireplace with angled chimney vent is very stylish and adds to the decoration of the living room.


This is an electric fireplace in a minimalist home. Electric fireplaces has their own advantage with easy maintenance and lower pollution. The fire can be very realistic and has many controls to set the tone right in a room.



We love the fireplaces that are in the middle of a room. Not just because they are unique and different from the regular fireplaces, they serve better in terms of heating a room evenly and become a centerpiece of a room.



Taken from Pinterest

Hanging fireplaces are as much about functional as they are for the design. They look amazing and are minimal. They can be installed in small spaces and because they can hanging from the ceiling, there is space below the fireplace to store woods. Also, they can be installed in the center of a room and we love that.


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If you are thinking of buying one of the above stoves perhaps it would be wise to do a little more research on the topic, let us help with that in the following article: